Emmmanuel Olatunji

How To Never Be Broke Again

I was born in brokenness; I lived in brokenness all my childhood and teenage years. Trust me, I understand perfectly what being broke is.

And that is exactly what fueled my decision to tread on the path I am now treading — the path of never being broke again.

I can still remember the very day I told myself that I’d never beg for money. It was after a dear friend couldn’t help me financially. It was an emotionally depressing moment.

However, since that very day, I’ve gone ahead to not just build a steady means of income for myself, but also helped and coached people on how to build theirs.

The reason I decided to write this book How To Never Be Broke Again is due to the fact that I have seen many broke people, and many of these people don’t understand what it really means to be broke.

The majority of people think being broke is just all about being financially broke; however, being financially broke is just as a result of some other brokenness.

I know I mayn’t have that privilege to physically share my wisdom, knowledge, experiences and discoveries with as people as I may desire, hence, I decided to write this book so that anyone who doesn’t want to be broke again can get it.

This is a book that you have never read before. I’ve written countless books, but I have never written a book as this. This is a book that comes with guarantee.

And I am glad to announce that the pre-order opens today.

This book will be officially launched by May and it will only be available in Hard Copy.

The launch price for this book is 6500Naira excluding delivery, but the pre-order price is 5000Naira only.

Furthermore, if you pre-order between now and 31st of this month, you’ll be getting a free delivery to anywhere you are in Nigeria.

To pre-order your copy of this book now, make the payment of 5k only to:

Emmanuel Olatunji

Afterwards, send your full name, address, email and phone number as a Whatsapp message to 08130289373.

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