Emmmanuel Olatunji


One day, while I was busy with a friend’s phone, I suddenly stumbled on some articles she wrote. 

I didn’t initially have the interest of reading any article from the phone, but immediately I saw her archive I became interested in reading some of her articles. 

As I was going through her archive, I saw a particular note titled “Who Am I?”. The title resonated with me, so I read it with rapt attention. 

After I finished reading the article, I felt the pain of the writer. I could imagine how sullen the writer was when she penned down those words from. 

The greatest question in life is not ‘What?’ it is ‘Why?’. That is why Myles Munroe said, “The greatest thing about ‘What’ is ‘Why’. Without ‘Why’, ‘What’ is meaningless.”

‘Why’ is purpose. Asking yourself, ‘Who am I?’ is a question of purpose. There’s nothing bad about that. However, asking yourself the question is one thing. Finding the answer to the question is another thing. 

Some people are still asking themselves, “Who am I?” They don’t know how to discover their true purpose on earth. Some other people already know who they are, but they don’t know the next step to take. 

Which of this category do you belong to? What are you doing based on where you are? 

Remember, the greatest tragedy in life is for a man to live without purpose. 

Remember to be the best version of yourself always! 

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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