Emmmanuel Olatunji

Align with your life's purpose. Be responsible for your present and future. Overcome laziness and procrastination. Profit from your talent. Take your writing and publishing dreams to the next level. Leverage the internet and social media to make profit.

With coaching services on:

Effective Writing/Profitable Writing

Book Publishing

Online Course Creation & Monetization

Earning from your talent

Starting a profitable publishing business

Meet Emmanuel Olatunji Ega (Personal development, life & writing coach)

Hello, I am Emmanuel, (the Exceptional Being) a writing consultant, author, life coach, public speaker and publisher.

In the course of my career, I have been privileged to train hundreds of people (both one-on-one and group settings). Many of whom have gone to become published authors, coaches, launched their careers and started their own businesses…

"This year I took some giant decisions towards scaling up my writing career and profiting from it and I can boldly say it's already paying huge returns. You want to learn the way? Meet Coach Emmanuel and get the right way."
Showunmi Olawale Michael
"When it comes to mastering your writing skills and how to profit from it, Emmanuel Olatunji is your go-to person. I can recommend him any day."
Mrs Oluwafolakemi Ibidokun
"Mastering the art of writing is one thing I've always wanted and this is the best coaching I've had in a very long time. If you want to master this art, make money from it and still fulfill purpose, then this training is what you need."
Destiny Tega Duke
On Air Personality & Writer
"There is nothing like having someone who has walked a certain path hold your hands to walk you through the same path. You see things more clearly and it also helps you to avoid pitfalls you would never have seen, had you have to go through it all alone. That is the summary of my experience with Coach Emmanuel. My expectations were not only met but surpassed."
Justina Olabisi
Editor & Proofreader

Step into Your Greatness

...But I wasn't always the person I am today and there was a time I couldn't even direct my own life, talkless of helping others find the direction of their own lives.

In that year, nothing seemed to be going well for me. I had waited years for a federal job which wasn’t forthcoming. During that waiting period I basically played the role of a nanny for a family that opened their home to me.

It seemed like my life had no direction. I would disturb my wonderful mentor with so many questions and he would patiently answer me. After a while, I started gaining clarity for my life. I took a job to cater for myself that year, and after that I decided to pursue writing (a talent which God had made me discover earlier) full time. 

I didn’t play the blame game. I book responsibility for myself and began to develop my writing skills. I invested in my personal development and attended trainings, that was how I started getting better.

"You must be your own hero, no one else is coming to save you"

Today, the story is different and better. I am a certified Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management coach from the foremost behavioural academy in Africa, Samuel Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy (SOBCA) and a certified US life coach from Newskills Academy.

I am a published author of several books which includes Book Title Blue Print; Millionaire Writer’s Blueprint; The Power of the Pen; 21 Habits of Highly Effective Writers; Ebooks for Profit among others.

I am the founder of TEBEBA Global Publishing Ltd, the fastest growing publishing firm in Africa. My team and I have helped many people achieve their desires in our areas of specialization. And now, I teach individuals like you all. I have learnt over the years to help them build influence and monetize their skills.

I do this through my online training and coaching services. I also have a Facebook community where I help writers, authors and entrepreneurs like you – TEBEBA Writers Community. I teach and train you to open your eyes to the many opportunities hidden in plain sight and how you can effectively use the internet and social media to grow your influence and finances. To live the life you have always dreamed of.

Drive forward with a velocity that inspires you

 I am a living testimony that your life could change and would only change when you stop waiting for things to happen or get better, and take the initiative to lead a better live, even one better than you dreamed of. It’s never too late to find out what you’re looking for in life. Just get up and go get it.

"Mentors know the way...they have insights and wisdom born from experience. They show the way, by... applying their insight and wisdom to your specific situation... (and) by walking with you through your own journey and helping you learn from your experiences."

You could climb on my shoulders and get specific mentoring and coaching on any of the following...

Effective writing and how to profit from writing.

Suitable for aspiring, new and established writers who want to build their influence, make more impact and increase their income
This package includes: 
  • Understanding the purpose and power of writing
  • Creating a vision for your writing career
  • Identifying your niche and target audience
  • Learning to write effectively
  • Developing a means of balancing your personal and professional life effectively
  • How to get writing clients/how to pitch your writing to publishers and editors
  • How to charge clients
  • How to close deals with prospective writing clients
  • How to leverage on social media to increase your reader base and profit
  • Assimilating the ethics of writing to develop your character and protect your integrity
  • Creating your personal and professional brand, in person and online
  • Identifying your unique point
  • Developing a short and long term writing career plan
  • Other issues on writing you would like support on

Book publishing

Suitable for aspiring authors, published authors, editors, writers, or publishers who want to learn the processes of book publishing, how to build influence and make more money through book publishing.

This package includes: 

  • How to start and complete your book draft
  • Tips on editing and proofreading your manuscript
  • How to write attention grabbing book titles
  • How to publish your book on Amazon and Tebebabooks
  • Understanding the book printing process
  • How to draft winning sales copy to promote your book
  • Creating a marketing, promotion, pricing and social media strategy to increase sales
  • Other book publishing issues you would like support on

Online course creation and monetization

Suitable for writers, business professionals, academics, artisans and anyone else who has a set of skills and wants to share thier knowledge, skills, experience with others for profit.
This package includes: 
  • Identifying the purpose of your course
  • Creating a vision for your course
  • Creating your course offering and evaluating it’s uniqueness
  • Preparing the course modules
  • Analyzing similar and competing courses to get a competitive edge
  • Strategies for writing the course content
  • Test running the course
  • Going live with the course on Social media or an E-learning platform
  • Creating your marketing, promotion, pricing, and social media strategy
  • Revising and updating the course content
  • Other course creation and monetization issues you may need support on

Earning from your talent

Suitable for persons who have raw talent (want to find their purpose) and want to develop and maximize it to achieve influence and financial gains.

This package includes: 

  • Identifying your purpose and mission in life
  • Identifying what makes you unique and special
  • Developing a life and work system that centres around your most unique talents
  • Identifying job opportunities where your talent is most needed and will shine
  • Understanding the difference between where you are and where you want to be
  • Identifying and dealing with the fears and insecurities holding you back
  • How to be motivated to live a more fulfilling life
  • Overcoming laziness and procrastination
  • Developing an action plan to get to where you want to be
  • How to go about acquiring necessary skills and training to mould your talent
  • How to create a personal and business brand around your talent
  • Achieving balance in your personal and work life
  • Other life purpose and talent related issues you may need support on

Start living the life you want today...

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