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Never let anyone feel sorry for you. Don’t belittle yourself to the point where others will feel sorry for you. No, you don’t need anyone’s pity!

No matter what your situation or condition is, you don’t need anyone’s pity. This is because you don’t want your worth and who you are to be determined by your immediate environment.

So those who feel sorry for you will not help you. If someone feels sorry for you, it is because you put yourself in a state where they feel sorry. Truth is, everyone has one challenge or the other. Just because yours is a bit obvious doesn’t mean that others don’t have what they’re nursing.

Years ago, when I was still battling with asthma (Thank God for healing me), many people didn’t understand how painful the experience was. If anyone saw me playing at that time, they would have thought I was a healthy child. But that wasn’t the case.

I shared that story to emphasize the fact that everyone has what they’re going through, even little children. Just because people don’t tell you what they’re going through doesn’t mean they don’t have challenges. Even Paul, the greatest of all the apostles of Jesus Christ, faced his own challenges. The Bible says that he pleaded with God three times, but God said that His grace was sufficient for him.

Imagine if Paul allowed people to feel sorry for him, today we would not have such a beautiful description of him. People didn’t exhibit any pity towards him because he didn’t put himself in a state where people would. This is what we should all follow.

You see, instead of pitying yourself and letting others pity you, learn to talk to God, He will listen to you and respond. Yes, God is closer to us than we think. He said in His words that He would hear before we called, and He would answer when we were still talking. That is the word of God.

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Don’t let people have pity on you. It will not help you. God did not create you to make you feel pitiful. No matter what challenges you face, you can still live a meaningful life. All you need is to have faith in God, and let this deep faith in God lead you into the realm of God where nothing is impossible. I tell you, when you let faith activate the power of God in your life, you will realize that nothing can stop you from achieving your greatness in this life.

The next point I want to express is that you cannot stop people from attacking you or making you feel bad, but you can actually stop providing them with ammunition.
People take advantage of our attitudes.

Yes, when you react to what people say or do to you, they will get through to you. If you lower yourself to that level, anyone can step on you without looking back. You are not to be reactive, you are meant to be proactive. Now, I’m not saying that you should be arrogant, I’m saying that you should set a standard for yourself, and no one can abuse it at will.

You just need to understand your own importance and value, so no matter what you’re up against, people won’t treat you like shit.

Do you know most people who feel sorry for others are also experiencing more challenging things than the people they feel sorry for? Yes! Therefore, never let others feel sorry for you.

Before now, I thought that those who felt sorry for me were helping me, but I was wrong. You see, there is a big difference between compassion and pity. You can have compassion for a person, but don’t pity anyone.

When you have compassion for someone, you are willing to help them overcome any challenges they may face. But it’s different from pity. When you feel pity for others, all you give them are more reasons to make them feel weak and sad about their challenges.

This is very common in our Africa, but it is very bad. If you can’t help someone, don’t complicate their problem. Let them be. Some people are good at complicating people’s problems. This is completely wrong. Show compassion to people and be willing to help them overcome challenges, but never feel sorry for them, and never let them feel sorry for their own difficulties.

Remember to be the best version of yourself always!

I’m Emmanuel Olatunji (EGA), the exceptional being.


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