Emmmanuel Olatunji

The Power Of The Mind

I have once heard about the story of a man who strongly believed that the only thing that could cure him whenever his head ached was paracetamol. One fateful day, his head ached badly and he mistakenly took ground chalk for paracetamol and he was okay. Until he was told it was white chalk, he never believed it was.

The first day I heard this story, I did not grasp any lesson from it. But recently, as I remembered it, it dawned on me that the story is embedded with salient lessons about life.

The first lesson is that we all have faith but how we use it is what makes the difference. Just like the man in the story above, you will agree with me that what healed him from the headache was not the chalk he mistakenly took for paracetamol but his faith in the paracetamol.

This is true about most people in life, I am inclusive. Most times, it is the faith we have in something that makes us go for that thing. For instance, it is the faith one has in a chair that makes one sits on that chair. Likewise, a car is also the faith one has in it that makes one drives it from one place to another.

There is no guarantee that the chair won’t break or the car won’t have an accident on the road, but one just exercises his/her faith believing that the chair will hold him/her up and the car will take him/her to the precise destination. Isn’t that also similar to the faith which that man had in paracetamol? How are you using your faith?

The story also made me understand how powerful the mind of man is. This is the second lesson I gleaned from the story. The man in the narrative above had fixed his mind on the fact that whenever he was suffering from a headache if he took paracetamol he would be healed.

His mindset on this fact was what made him mistakenly swallowed chalk one day thinking it was paracetamol. Amazingly, he got healed. This means that nothing would have even worked for this man if he did not use what he truly believed in or what he mistook for his belief.

This lesson made me understand why Jesus did not wreak a miracle in someone’s life if that person never believed in him. The power of the mind!

This lesson should awaken everyone. The way you use your mind matters. What do you truly believe in? This is a question you must constantly ask yourself. In life, there are forms and substances.

In the account I shared above, the paracetamol was the form while God, the true Healer, is the substance. It is very dangerous when we fix our mind on the form rather than the substance. Yes, the form may create temporary relief but the true substance takes off the pain completely.

This applies to different areas of our lives. Guard your heart jealously. Examine your thoughts. Know where your priority lies. Don’t place form over substance, rather it should be substantially above form.

Finally, how you use your heart matters. Whatever you believe in is true – if you believe that you can never be rich again, you are right, if you also believe you can never be poor, you are also right. Everything begins and ends in your mind. That is the power of the mind. Use that power wisely!

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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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