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Celebrate the little things, and you will attract the bigger things to your life.

The mistake many of us make is that we wait until big things happen before we start celebrating. We wait until people have made great achievements before we respect and celebrate them. But it’s not supposed to be that way. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the popular saying goes. Likewise, every great achievement begins in a little way.

I know it’s good to celebrate those who broke records and have accomplished great results in their lives. However, it is also important to celebrate those who are doing seemingly trivial things in their corners.

Waiting to celebrate people after achieving great success is not good enough; we should learn to do better by also celebrating those who are on their way to the success ladder.

Like I noted earlier, every great achievement has years of hard work. Every great achievement you see today is the product of little things.

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Bill Gates did not become the boss of Microsoft in a day. Mike Adenuga did not become the owner of Glo within a day. Do you know he was once a taxi driver before he became who he is today? Those were his own day of little things. So, he didn’t just get to where he is today in a jiffy, he started little and grew from there.

Do not underestimate those who seem to be doing small things or accomplishing small results. Do not undermine the power of little things. In short, most of the time, these little things we do today will evolve into big things we celebrate tomorrow.

This is why I try as much as possible to make people happy by celebrating the “little things” they are doing. That is why I do write about people today. In fact, if you see me write about anyone publicly, it’s most definitely to celebrate them.

So I prepared a note to instill in us the importance of celebrating little things. I hope you have learned something in this article?

Feel free to share with me.

Do you want bigger things to come to you? Start celebrating your little wins. When you celebrate the little things, you’ll attract the bigger things to your life.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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