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How can you discover your gift and maximize it to great profit?

Ten years ago when God told me to delve into writing by sharing my personal experiences to inspire people on social media, I wondered why He told me to do that.

Writing was the last thing I’d ever thought to do in my life. I didn’t even know I had the gift in me.

Today, when I share my experiences, people might think I am trying to sound spiritual or something, but the truth is that I can’t ever talk about my writing journey from the very beginning without mentioning how God helped me to discover the skill.

Fast forward to today, sometimes I read pieces I wrote and I would wonder where the wisdom came from. So many times, I have been blessed by what I wrote myself.

Other times, when I am working on a client’s project, I would wonder how effortless it is for me to collect their thoughts and put them down in writing. I’m sure it even amazes my clients how I do it.

I have met clients who were skeptical I could help them achieve their writing and publishing goals, because of how long they’d tried themselves but never succeeded. However, the moment I took charge of their projects, everything seemed effortless.

Today, while thinking about all of this, the only thing that came to mind is this: it’s important for us to pay attention to our gifts.

I have realized that one of the reasons for my great success as a writer is that I am actively functioning in the area of my gift.

Source: theguardian.com

So, are you struggling in the position you currently are?

Have you been thinking why you are not making headway with what you are currently doing? It might be because you are not functioning in the area of your gift.

Why not pay keen attention to your gift and do something in that area?

I strongly believe that if you build your business around the area of your gift, you will not only thrive, but you will be reckoned with, even in greater places.

I write this from experience and I hope you got value from it.

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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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