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These days, many don’t understand the importance of having someone to serve or look up to. But in this article, I will try to pinpoint one vital reason we should all have someone to serve.

But note this first: your growth may be stunted in life if you don’t have anyone you are serving. Therefore, ensure you read this article meticulously.

Some years ago, I shared a post on my Facebook timeline, and a major influencer whom I looked up to shared my exact post on his wall.

I didn’t take note of it then but when Facebook reminded me of the post, I realized that the exact article that I shared on my wall that could barely get any engagement was shared by this influencer and not only did it have greater engagement, several people shared from his wall too.

Immediately after I saw that I became inspired to write this post. Nothing was different about the article; he posted exactly what I wrote. But there is only one major difference: he was an influencer and I was just coming up.

That is it! The place of influence shouldn’t be undermined in life.

One reason you want to have someone to look up to or serve is because of influence. That person has influence that you don’t have. That person has achieved what you haven’t.

No matter how good you may be, you may not reach your peak if you don’t use your skill to serve someone who is already doing far better than you.

It’s not foolishness; it’s a wise move. The dividend you will get will be enormous in the long run.

Now, even if you don’t want to serve the person, add value to them by investing in what they offer.

People might think Mr. Mute just shared my post because it was valuable. While that’s partly true, he also shared it to add value to my brand. Why would he do that?

One thing many may not know is that I made sure I purchased all the courses and books he released.

In fact, there was a time I paid for a course he is yet to release that he had to call me just to confirm if the money I sent was deliberate. I told him it was.

Many are still struggling today just because they don’t want to serve or add value to the life of someone above them. But you want to do differently because you are exceptional. You are not ordinary.

Has this post added any value to you? Share what you have learned with me.

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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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