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In a previous post, I wrote on ‘Who Are You Serving?’ Today, I write to you about ‘Who Are You Grooming?’ Let me share a story with you briefly before I proceed.

His name was first ingrained on the fleshy tablet of my heart when my then Biology teacher, Mrs Anwo, shared his story on the assembly ground.

I didn’t come from a privileged background so his story was very inspirational to me. Listening to how a guy whose father was a washerman excelled exceptionally in his academics, I knew he was someone to pay attention to.

However, throughout our time in secondary school, I never got the opportunity to become close to him. But by a twist of fate, we became friends while he was in the university.

I still remember the first day I visited him in the university and how he warmly welcomed me. Never did I know that a day would come when my company would be handling his first printed book!

If you have been following my works, you should already know who I am talking about. It’s Mr. Sunday Anani . However, this is not where the story ends.

Now, many people are aware that TEBEBA oversaw the branding and production, and will also undertake the printing of his book but beyond all these, Mr Anani is a man who groomed me.

Source: pushcvco.wordpress.com

I’m a revered writer today and one of the people who invested heavily in my writing skills is Mr Anani. Even beyond that, he invested in my life by teaching me great values.

Many may not know why I call him a mentor. Mentorship is not about age or position; it is about seeing someone who has achieved what you seek, and the person is willing to help you achieve that thing.

Since the beginning of my journey online, Mr Anani’s faith in me has been unimaginable — even flattering sometimes, or so I have felt. But I am glad that today, those investments are yielding fruits.

When he was investing in my life, neither of us knew a day would come when I will fully be handling the mass production of his book. I believe this should be a lesson to everyone.

So, who are you grooming? You don’t only want to have someone to serve, but also someone to groom.

Remember that where you are is where some people are still dreaming of getting to. So, go groom someone.

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