Emmmanuel Olatunji

You cannot be wiser than God!

Walking with God requires total submission to Him. When God leads you on a path, it might seem foolish at first, but remember that His “foolishness” is wiser than human wisdom.

When God told my wife and me to get married almost 6 years ago, it seemed like a foolish idea. How could God tell me to marry someone I had barely known for six months? How could God tell me to go ahead with marriage when I couldn’t even boast of 10,000 Naira in my account while I was still with my mother and my wife hadn’t even gone for service? How?

It indeed seemed like a “foolish” idea. Scratch that, it deemed like a “devilish” idea. However, I chose to follow God’s guidance, willing to be “foolish” in His eyes, knowing that His ways are higher than mine. Yeah, I chose to be “foolish” then so I can become wise now.

Today, my wife and I counsel other couples seeking guidance, and our story has become a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Many times, we’ve hosted many young couples and couples-to-be in our home to give them counsel.

So know this: it is essential to embrace God’s instructions, even if they seem foolish, as God cannot fail, and whatever He establishes will succeed. Our marriage, despite its rushed beginning, has been filled with boundless testimonies of God’s presence. Even those who doubted and wondered what would happen along the line are now testifying to God’s faithfulness. This is what God can do. Whatever He establishies will definitely stand!

Though we’ve faced challenges, those tough times taught us valuable lessons that now help others because from the start, God confirmed that our marriage is a ministry.

My prayer for you is to be “foolish” enough to follow God’s instructions, knowing that His wisdom surpasses all. I pray for you that may you not be too wise to follow God. I pray God gives you the heart to submit totally onto Him.

Today, many cherish our union and wish to have what we have, but the truth is, only obedience to God’s instruction got us here. What are you doing regarding God’s instruction to you? Think about it.

Trust in Him, for whatever He tells you to do, just do it!

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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