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Is Failure Truly Hard?

“Success is hard. Failure is hard. Choose your hard.”

I once shared this quote some years ago, and someone asked me, “Is failure truly hard?” The answer to this question gave birth to this note and serves as its foundation. Perhaps, it can also provide assistance to others here.

Yes, both success and failure are hard. When I wrote that quote, I wasn’t mincing words about the difficulty you will face with the two choices. However, the underlying point is that the hardships associated with failure differ from those of success. While the hardship of success occur beforehand, the hardship of failure arise afterward. Do you understand the point I’m trying to convey? Allow me to elaborate.

There is indeed hardship in both success and failure, but the distinction lies in their timing and nature.

Many of us are familiar with the quote: “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” It is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, a renowned polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

I don’t have an issue with this quote, nor do I disagree with Ben’s ideologies. However, some people fail to grasp the contextual meaning of this quote, leading them to believe that failure is not difficult because all you have to do to fail is nothing. But is failure truly not hard? No, failure is hard. The only difference lies in the timing of the hardships.

Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not implying that we won’t encounter failure in our lives. In fact, failure is one of the ingredients of success. So, I am not referring to the failures one experiences on their journey to success.

The failure I am specifically addressing here is the failure of those who neglect to do what they must in order to succeed in life. I’m referring to the failure of those who have resigned themselves to living a mediocre life.

To achieve success in life, you will face hardships. Some of these hardships include failure, rejection, and more. However, the end of this journey leads to great success. That is why those who embark on this path are not discouraged by the challenges they encounter on their way to the City of Success.

For the person striving for success, it is pain before gain, the cross before the crown, the price before the prize. On the other hand, for the failure (the one who fails to do what they need to do, the one who has settled for a mediocre life), the situation is reversed.

So, when I say success is hard, failure is hard, choose your hard, what I mean is that you have a choice between the two. Will you enjoy now and suffer later? Or will you work now and rest later?

Consider what Will Smith said: “Where I excel is with a ridiculous, sickening work ethic. While the other guy’s sleeping, I’m working. While the other guy’s eating, I’m working.”

William Arthur Ward also expressed a similar sentiment:

“Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing, and dream while others are wishing.”

This is the mindset of those who truly become exceptional and extract the best out of life.

However, ultimately, the choice and decision lie with you. The ultimate question now is, which choice will you make? Remember, your future self is counting on you to make the best decision today.

I’m Emmanuel aka EGA, the exceptional being.

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