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It's good to have you here. My primary goal for this platform is to help individuals become the best version of themselves in life and business, which is why my personal motto is: "be the best version of yourself always."

Meet EGA

Emmanuel Olatunji (EGA), the exceptional being, is a writer, an author, life coach, public speaker and publisher.

He is a certified Emotional intelligence and Anger management coach from SOBCA, the foremost behavioural change institution in Africa and a US certified coach from New Skills Academy.

He wrote 6 powerful books on his niche (writing) in just two months which includes BookTitle Blueprint, Millionaire Writer’s Blueprint, The Power of the Pen, 21 Habits of Highly Effective Writers, Ebooks for Profits and Writer’s Manual; this is a feat he regarded as breaking his own record.

He has also written other several powerful books to his credit.

As a person, you are not created to be your worst self, but you are created to be the best version of yourself and go ahead to accomplish greatness in life. This is my deep conviction, and this is what this platform is all about. 
Therefore, if you have been looking for a platform that can inspire you to become your best self so that you can achieve greater things in life, then this is the platform for you. 
All my experiences in life have made me passionate about seeing people lead complete and exceptional lives. 

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I coach writers and authors to build influence, make money and go global with their craft through effective strategies and techniques.
This is the whole point of this platform: living an exceptional life. My written pieces, videos, and my podcasts are all geared towards this. 
So I congratulate you again for visiting me here. Feel free to explore my virtual home and make yourself feel comfortable. I hope everything you find here can really affect your life positively. 

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