Emmmanuel Olatunji

Fulfilling The Will Of My Father

Whether I’m invited to speak, teach, coach, write, author books, or consult, I am committed to fulfilling the will of my Father who sent me.

I have been sent to this world to be a source of blessings and help people to become the better version of themselves. I will utilize every gift and talent bestowed upon me by God to make a positive impact on my world.

This is my calling. This is my purpose. This is the authentic path I am meant to walk. I will live solely for Him, regardless of my endeavors.

Hence, in everything I do, my ultimate aim is to bring true glory to Christ.

Through my services, works, and writings, I witness lives being transformed, and Christ being genuinely glorified.

The ten talents that God has entrusted me with will yield a billionfold increase! Yes, it must by the infinite grace of God. I will faithfully carry out my duties until my Father returns.

Let’s keep working and growing. I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being. Watch out for what the LORD is doing through this small vessel.

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