Emmmanuel Olatunji


Do you know why most people don’t invest in themselves? It’s because they feel it wouldn’t make a difference.

You can find out for yourself. You will realize that amongst the reasons a majority don’t invest themselves, the thinking that it won’t make a difference tops the list.

There is no reasonable person who won’t be willing to go the extra mile to invest in himself when he’s completely sure that investment will completely change his life.

You never know which investment will be the last straw for you. This is why you should never stop investing in yourself.

You don’t know which book you will buy that will completely change the game for you. Therefore, even if you got one yesterday and you didn’t get all the solutions you sought, the truth remains: it must have solved some parts of the puzzle for you.

You will be cheating yourself if you stop investing in yourself just because one class or one book didn’t turn you into a millionaire overnight.

This is the mindset I had to take on before I could move forward in life: I saw (and still see) investing in myself as bathing. Now, the fact that I bathed yesterday doesn’t mean I won’t bathe today.

The moment I formed this mindset, things completely changed for me, and I am better off for it. So, if you see me achieving results today, it’s because I don’t toy with my personal development.

Do you want to also invest in yourself today?

The best way to do that is to order my book titled HOW TO NEVER BROKE AGAIN.


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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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