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What Kills Faster Than A Time Bomb?

The answer to the question which heads this page is relative — it depends on who is answering it. It may be one thing to you while it is another thing to me. However, irrespective of what the answer is to you, I strongly believe that the lesson which I want to share here will add great value to your life time and time again. So, ensure you read with rapt attention.

To me, I believe what kills faster than a time bomb is assumption. Assumption is corrosive. Yes, it’s highly destructive. When you assume things without finding out the details, you will harm yourself and put your relationship with other people in danger.

Sometime ago, I sent a message to a friend on WhatsApp. I was expecting her reply immediately she received my message. It indicated that my message had been sent, however, I didn’t get a reply from her.

I was anxious; wondering why she didn’t reply my message despite how urgent I expected her to reply immediately she received it. I tried not to assume so I put a call through to her. What happened after that gave birth to this article.

To my utter consternation, she didn’t receive the message. I don’t know what went wrong that day, but she truly didn’t receive my message. She even sent a screenshot to ascertain the fact that she didn’t receive that particular message. I was shocked and I was glad I didn’t assume anything.

If I had assumed I probably wouldn’t have called her. I would have thought she ignored my message, gotten angry at her; or even misjudged her. But thank God I called to find out why she didn’t reply me, hence I found out what happened.

Dear reader, always find out the details of things before you judge. Don’t assume anything. Your fact or judgement should not just be based on what you see on the outside. There is more to what you see on the surface. Yes, there is more. Therefore, don’t assume things, instead find out the true situation of things. This will save you from a lot of stress and heartache.

Many at times we worry for nothing. We stress ourselves for absolutely nothing. We worry about what we should never worry about and cause ourselves too much pain and heartache. This is as a result of assumptions. Assumption is that dangerous.

As a trainer, I have learnt not to assume things. In a class I once held I noticed that some people haven’t been active since the second day in class. Though they paid to attend the class, participation is mandatory.

So, I decided to send a message to them, then I noticed that a participant hasn’t been online. So I called her and it was then I found out what happened. She was going through a challenge that very week which stopped her from coming online. Realizing this, I was able to lend her my support.

At times, I see what I do as a ministry so it is not just about the training or the course, but it is also about the emotional and spiritual support I offer to those who register for my training. I was glad I rendered such support to her and she was back in class a couple of days.

If I had assumed, I probably wouldn’t have checked on her and I wouldn’t even find out that she was going through a challenge at that time. Can you now see how destructive assumptions can be? Can you see why it is never good to assume? Do you see why I said it kills faster than time bomb?

Have you been assuming lately? Has assumption affected your relationship with others today? I hope this article adds value to your life. Feel free to share if you gained value from this.

Remember to be the best version of yourself always!

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