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You Are Responsible!

Writers or speakers should be careful about what they write or speak, but readers should be more careful about how they interpret what they read or hear. Wisdom is profitable in all things.

You’re responsible for interpreting whatever you read or listen to as a reader or a listener. The power to interpret is given to no one but you.

A writer or speaker does not have control over how people interpret what he writes or says. This is why a writer or a speaker needs to be careful about whatever information he passes across to people.

As a writer or a speaker, if you’re sure you’re sending out the right message, you shouldn’t really worry about the interpretation your message gives to people.

Your message will send various signals to various kinds of people. You have no control of that, hence your focus should be on sending out the right message.

That said, irrespective of how careful a writer or a speaker is, the reader or a listener is still responsible for the interpretation of whatever ideas are shared.

Although communication can be sometimes difficult for both the writer/speaker and the reader/listener. If you are a writer you’ll understand what I mean by that. I understand this thing because I am a writer and a communicator.

Sometimes it may be difficult to find the right word to use to express your thoughts as a writer and at times you might find it difficult to understand what a person is trying to pass across.

This knowledge has helped me greatly. If I don’t understand what you write or say, I would rather ask questions than criticize you first. If people understand this thing, the rate of attacking whatever anyone says would reduce.

A lot of people are fond of attacking or criticizing what someone says without clearly understanding what the person is trying to pass across. This is not good enough.

It behooves every reader or listener to put himself in the shoe of the writer or speaker to understand the message he is trying to pass across.

If you want to understand someone’s message take your time to study it. Don’t just remove a sentence in the words of a writer and misinterpret his message.

Let me quote a favorite saying that has been interpreted both negatively and positively by different people to solidify my point:

“Use what you have to get what you want.”

The interpretation of that statement lies with you. While some people see that statement as using your talent to acquire what you desire, others might see it as selling off one’s self to acquire what he wants.

I have heard of females having sex with men just to get what they want. To them, they are using what they have to get what they want. I have also heard of a man who sold his kidney for the sake of money. To him, he used what he had to get what he wanted.

Now, no one can blame the owner of that quote. He is not responsible for how people interpret the quote.

I can give more examples but I believe that example has already conveyed my point. I’m responsible for this article, but you’re responsible for how you interpret the message I am trying to pass across here.

If I say I am a GOD, you’re responsible for how you interpret that. You may see me as someone who sees himself as the Jehovah, and you may see me as someone who merely appreciates and proclaims his divinity.

Whatever you read or hear, just know that you’re responsible for the interpretation.

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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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