Emmmanuel Olatunji

How I Met the Former President of Nigeria and Other Great Dignitaries

Since I started TEBEBA, I’ve had the privilege of working with many phenomenal people. I’ve worked with people from different walks of life. From thought leaders, to top consultants; from lawyers to doctors, from civil servants to great entrepreneurs—indeed, I have had the privilege of working with amazing people. 

So, it wasn’t a surprise when we got to work with more phenomenal people this year. A client was referred to me for a job last year but we couldn’t proceed. Notwithstanding, we kicked off the project this year. 

When this job came, I knew it wasn’t the regular kind of job. I knew that the job would require a lot from us to deliver. And as it’s my usual disposition, when I see challenging jobs, I don’t shy from them; rather, I am always excited to deliver. 

However, one thing I didn’t know is that this job is what would grant me an invitation to meeting a president for the first time in my life. I didn’t know this job is what would make me meet people that I literally wouldn’t have been able to meet on a regular day. I didn’t know this job is what would give me direct access into places I hadn’t even dreamed of entering. 

So, if you are wondering how I got to meet a former president and also the supreme ruler of the Egbaland, know that it’s just through my handiwork. And this reminds me of what the scripture says: seeth a man diligent in his works, he will stand before kings, and not among mean (mere) men. 

Today, this scripture is literally true in my life. See, if you doubt the scripture, study my life. My life is a proof that the word of God is true. Now, I am someone standing before kings and not ordinary men. 

My name is now being mentioned in top places that I wouldn’t have imagined in years to come. Now, my parents are so proud of me because I have taken my family’s name to places we’ve never imagined to be. 

That’s what can happen to anyone. If this could happen to me, it can happen to you. Just from the comfort of my home, I’m being invited to places. This is not ordinary, I must tell you. 

It requires hard work, dedication, consistency, and above all, absolute faith in God. If I say I achieved any of these things by my power, I am the greatest lair and ingrate on earth. 

I remember I always say that people shouldn’t watch out for me, but what God will do through me. That’s true because whatever I am now, and whatever I will ever become, only God could have made it possible. Or am I the only writer in Nigeria? Why was my company (TEBEBA) chosen to handle such a glorious and wonderful job? Definitely, it can only be God! 

Yes, I work hard; I mean really hard. But I am not the only one working hard. So, I give all glory back to God. The Emmanuel of last year isn’t the Emmanuel of today. The places I haven’t been to in 29 years of my life, and in just a year, I’ve been to them. To God be all the glory!

What’s that your handiwork? Add to it, absolute faith in God because, truly, what God cannot do doesn’t exist. 

That said, I won’t fail to encourage you to hire us for any of our services today. TEBEBA is not just a brand that serves ordinary people, we are now a brand that serves kings and presidents. Let’s serve you too because you are a king! 

PS: You can still register for our school of writing. Visit here: www.tebebaschoolofwriting.com

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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