Emmmanuel Olatunji

From A Crude Writer To Meeting With A President 

If people know how far we can go in life, they would be cautious of the words they say to us. If they know how far our path could take us, perhaps they would have shown us more support.

I say this because when I started this journey, nothing around me showed the reality I am living today. Today, I am a celebrated writer and publisher with many accomplishments to my name (to the glory of God), but that wasn’t how my story started.

I’m not someone who will just share my wins. I share my true story because I don’t just want to stimulate people, but I want to inspire lives.

I started from the very rock bottom. I was a crude writer. In fact, I hated writing. And even when I started fully on social media, many people talked down on me. I was called names. I was told to go get a life. I was seen a mere hustler. If only they knew what lies ahead in the future.

I tell you, the journey wasn’t rosy. I will be lying to you if I say I didn’t feel like giving up. Sometimes, the journey just became so lonely. But each time I arrived at the junction of giving up, I would remember why I started in the first place. And that’s why I continued up to this day.

When I started, I never knew a day would come, so soon for that matter, I will be sitting face-to-face with an Ex-president of our dear country. I never knew I would be sitting with some of the crème de la crème of this country.

But that is the reality today. I moved from being a crude writer, to becoming a writer who got invited to meet a president. Today, I am not just filled with gratitude, but I am also filled with all sense of confidence that if you are clear on your path and you don’t give up on it, there is no limit to where you can get to.

Meeting (Former President) Chief Olusegun Obansanjo is a major achievement for me this year. If you know where I am coming from, if you know my story, then you will know this is a major breakthrough. You will know this is a significant achievement in my career.

Meeting with Former President of the FRN, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

Coming from a background that has nothing to write home about, to working my way up, so much that I could be invited to meet titans in this country, it doesn’t just confirm my professionalism, but it further proves that God is with me on this path.

Finally, this wasn’t one of those casual meetings where you just suddenly meet an important figure by chance. I wasn’t just invited into his villa, but I sat with him, communed with him, he asked me questions and I did the same as well—it was a beautiful discussion session. And after everything, I presented my book to him. He asked that my book be placed in a special place for him.

Oh, I am grateful to God! Who would have known that that social media writer, that writer that many people didn’t take seriously in the beginning, would now be the influential writer of today. My dear, whatever path God has purposed you to tread, don’t give up on it. Follow it thoroughly and diligently, and you will not sit with mean men but with Kings.

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