Emmmanuel Olatunji

From Mess To Message: How To Turn The Mess You Face Into A Message

This Will Inspire You In case You’re Going Through A Mess

Sometimes, where you experience a mess is where your message is.

You wonder what I mean by those words? Okay, just read along.

In this my work as a writer and publisher, I’ve met different people. Sincerely I count myself so blessed because I’ve met some of the best people on earth.

However, in this same path, I’ve met people who treated me like I am nothing. I remember a client I once worked with, and she literally treated me as though I was a slave.

She bullied me, insulted me, she literally made me regret working with her. But as true to my profession, once I get paid for anything, I ensure I deliver. So I focused on delivering her work. But that period was hell for me.

Of course, this client later came back to apologize to me for everything, when she saw my work through someone else. The funny thing was that she asked to be referred to a great publisher and Tebeba was mentioned.

However, that period was seriously a mess. But it is in this same job I met people who invited me to meet a former president. It is in this same job I met people who so much value me because they know the significance of what I do.

If I had given up on my profession because of the mess I experienced through a client, I would have missed the opportunity of meeting another client who would treat me like a king.

This is why I said, sometimes, where your mess is, is where your message is. Many people give up on their profession because of some challenges they are going through, but they fail to see what God has in store for them in that place.

Are you in such a place now? Let this article speak to you.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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