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Four Signs That Prove You’ll Be Relevant In Life

The word “Sign” is a common word today. You must have heard of it countless times. The synonym is “Omen” meaning: “a sign of something about to happen.”

So, how does this relate to my topic? You will get to know this as you proceed. But first, one thing you must understand now is that there are signs around us in different aspects of our life. 

Whether you recognize these omens or not is another topic entirely. In this article, I will share with you four powerful signs that will proof you will be relevant in life. 

Being relevant is what everyone craves for, but the truth is that it’s not everyone who will achieve this desire. 

So what are these signs that need to be evident in you if you must be a person of relevance? They are many but I will discuss only four predominant signs here. Watch out for these signs in your life.

1. You must be ready to take ownership of your life. 

It all begins from here. You will never amount to anything significant in life if you are not willing to take responsibility of your life. Taking ownership of your life is the first sign you must watch out for if you truly want to be relevant in life. Ever seen anyone who is relevant in life? They take personal responsibility. 

2. You’ve got to be decisive. 

Some people are just so indecisive; they will say something today and do another thing tomorrow. This is not a sign of relevance. If the words that proceed from your mouth are void of will and wit, then you may end up dying as a mediocre person. 

3. Be ready to invest in yourself. 

I have never seen or heard of anyone who became relevant in life and never invested in himself. This is the quickest sign of relevance. Is this sign evident in you? Now, investing in yourself doesn’t mean it’s what you’ll do once in a while, but it’s what you must always do. 

4. Above all, fear God and serve Him.  

Those who have no regard for God have failed completely because true relevance begins and ends with God. There are more signs of relevance you can watch out for in your life, but I hope these four that I have pointed out will get you thinking and add value to your life. 

It’s either you become relevant or be completely forgotten!

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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