Emmmanuel Olatunji

Don’t play God in people’s lives

Don’t play God in people’s lives. That someone leaves you doesn’t mean the person is evil. It doesn’t mean the person won’t make it in life.

Maturity will teach you that no matter how good you are, people will leave you if they choose to leave you. Whether or not you like it, this can happen anytime.

Also, everything is all about time. Some people are only staying with you now, because it’s not time for them to leave you. But once it’s time, they will leave.

As a leader, when people choose to leave you, let them leave and wish them well. I know this can be painful, especially if you have invested so much in that relationship. But you ought to learn that life is like that.

Them leaving you doesn’t mean it’s over for you, no matter what you have invested in them. Sometimes, some people really think beyond themselves. They think if they leave you, it’s over for you. But I see this as a limited thinking.

It is only God that can leave a man, and it will be over for that man. But for humans, they can leave you at anytime. So you must learn to live with this truth.

I’ve learnt this the hard way. Because of how much I value relationship and how I go the extra mile to invest in any relationship I am into, I didn’t believe people can leave me. But it happened, and I had to learn that, no matter how good or righteous you are, some people aren’t meant to be with you forever.

Some people are just in your life for a season. So if you don’t know this, you will just keep hurting yourself unnecessarily.

Finally, as much as people can leave you anytime, I want you to take it upon yourself to cherish every relationship that has added value to you. Don’t burn bridges, except it is mandatory for you to do so. You should not bite the finger that fed you. Don’t forget the one who was there for you when you were nobody. Don’t forget those who have impacted you, no matter how little.

The world can choose to be ungrateful and leave their benefactor as they please, but you are different. You are a leader. You are exceptional. Act exceptionally.

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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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