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Four Ways You Can Build A Solid Foundation For Your Marriage

So, yesterday I wrote an article stating that before anyone goes into marriage, he or she should ensure to build a solid foundation for that marriage, even before going into it.

One question that may be on your mind is, how then can you build a solid foundation for your marriage as an unmarried person or as a person planning to get married soon?

In this article, I will share four practical ways you can do that.

  1. Develop a cordial relationship with God: This is the first step you need to take. Before you think of even getting married, ensure you have a strong relationship with God. Know God deeply and don’t toy with your relationship with Him. This will help you in the long run. Remember, God is the One who instituted marriage, so how can you even think of going through it without Him?
  2. Discover your purpose and live by it: A philosopher once said, “Man, know thyself.” Self actualization is key if you want to have a successful marriage. Hence, this is another formidable way to lay a solid foundation for your marriage. Know your purpose. Be in the place where you are constantly fulfilling purpose. Know what God has called you to do on earth and get busy fulfilling it. Once you’ve discovered who you are, then it will be easier for you to succeed in marriage.
  3. Develop yourself personally: I’ve always been a preacher of personal development. Before you get married, invest well in yourself. This is one great way to lay a solid foundation for your marriage. The reason we are having many divorces today is that when people ought to invest in themselves, they were just busy with the mundane things. Dear singles, know that your courtship time is a time to prepare for your marriage. Invest dangerously in yourself at this stage! Read books. Take courses, etc.
  4. Have a vision of the marriage you want and start planning for it now: It’s not when you get married you will now start envisioning the marriage you want. If you know marriage is part of God’s plan for you, then envision it now and work towards it. Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance.

These are just few steps that will help you lay a solid foundation for marriage. I hope I have been able to help you. Thanks.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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