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Does Your Life Has Its Own Accounting System?

God created the world and all that is in it. He created man on the sixth day and rested on the seventh day. And when He finished everything, He reviewed each phase of His creation and saw that it was good.

It seems that the children of men could learn a lesson from the manner in which God reviewed each phase of His creation.

God has given man the power of thought, and a conscience to help guide him into the right pathway of life. At the end of each day, should not man look back over his works, actions, and thoughts of the day to be sure that all conforms to God’s will?

As the week is accomplished and man prepares to enter the day that God has set aside for rest and worship (Sunday), should not man review the events of his week to ascertain that all is well between his soul and the saviour?

Following this practice, following the right and rejecting the wrong, would surely bring man to the desired haven.

Does your life has an accounting system? Think about this.

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