Emmmanuel Olatunji

Look Beyond the Glamour

If you’ve heard the story about my marriage, then what I will share in this article won’t be new to you. 

When someone is about to get married, it’s supposed to be gladsome news; everyone ought to rejoice for the person. But ours wasn’t entirely like that.

The first day I told my mother I’d be getting married that year, she thought I was joking. 

When I told her I was serious, she was really vexed. And I perfectly understood her. 

How could someone who didn’t have an apartment of his own get married? 

How could someone who didn’t have a job get married? 

How could someone who didn’t have a school certificate get married? 

There was nothing tangible that I had that qualified me for marriage except the fact that I got God’s instruction to go ahead. 

It wasn’t a simple decision for me as well. I remember how I prayed for hours at the camp meeting of the church I attend. 

I knelt down and warred with God until my knees pained me severely. It was then I heard Him: “If you weren’t afraid to propose to her, why are you afraid to marry her?”

That question was all the assurance I needed from God. Then I made a vow with Him that, “If He would provide everything that will make me a great husband & father, then I will marry Shindara.” 

Then God assured me, He would. 

That was when I became fully determined. My friends thought I had made Shindara pregnant. Many people thought we’ve done terrible things, and we just wanted to use marriage to cover up. 

We were mocked. Laughed at. We cried for several days. Sometimes, we just wanted to give it all up. But God warned us: if we failed to get married that year, we would never be together again. And the purpose He’s appointed for both of us to accomplish together would go down just like that. 

Since the day I had given my life to God, I knew the voice of God. So I knew he was the one speaking. 

My wife came from a different church. So prophets had to pray to confirm if we truly heard God’s voice. For good one month, we waited, and every single prophet from different denominations confirmed it was indeed God’s voice.

Then our parent started coming around. But there was a challenge. Our wedding wasn’t even going to be a small celebration? God said we should do it on a Tuesday, and that even though it was on a Tuesday, hundreds of people would be in attendance. 

So there was another challenge of money. Oh, you needed to see how lean I was. I thank God for the parent in-laws I have. However, that period was almost unbearable for me. 

If you don’t share the same religious belief with me, you would wonder why I went into that situation. You would think I was just drunk in love and I couldn’t just wait to have a woman. 

But it was not all that; I was obeying instruction. People call me exceptional being today, but the truly exceptional person is not the ME people see, but the HOLY spirit who lives in me. 

I was really concerned about the money we’d spent. But God kept promising me. I was between two families. My parent in-laws and my own parents; I was the connecting link. 

Sometimes, I wondered why God even placed such a responsibility on me in my early years. But I thank God that I was filled with godly wisdom. 

And to the glory of God, on the 19th of December, we had our wedding, and all eyes saw the glory of God. Everyone who was expecting to see something different went home blessed and with testimonies.

December this year, my wife and I will clock 5 years, but in just one year of our marriage, what God did for us, we cannot explain; we cannot tell it all. 

I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I never got married to Shindara. How would I have been able to be head a company even from the comfort of my home and everything is moving smoothly?

How would I have been able to be so productive today without the support of the angel God blessed me with? Today, many people wish and pray to have a marriage like mine, but the truth I tell people is, my type of marriage is exceptional.

It’s against the norm. It’s different. And even if God chooses you to have such a marriage, it will still take the grace to be bold enough to accept the challenge. 

Everyone loves the glamour, but how many would go through the pain we went through before we arrived here? 

When you see a beautiful marriage, don’t just think about the glamour, think about what would have brought them there. That is where your message is. 

I got married not having a single job or anything. In fact, on the first night of our marriage, we slept on bare floor. Our room had nothing. 

But today, the story has changed. Those who visited us when we newly got married and then visit us now are always giving God the glory. 

From a person who didn’t have a job, I am now giving people jobs. My wife and I are not yet where God’s taking us, but we are so grateful that we accepted His call even when our parents boldly went against us initially.

I have a lot to say, but I will just stop here. It’s a beautiful thing to be married. When you marry God’s will for you, nothing will be impossible for you. 

Since my wife and I got married, we’ve eaten what we wanted, gone places we desired, and people who visited us ate what they felt like. 

Even when we have zero naira in our accounts, we are always confident that our own economy is not of this world; but it is reserved in heaven. 

You may not really accept all I share here. And that’s fine. But this is my reality. As unbelievable as it seems. And I am really glad for it.

Are you a young unmarried person? Do you have any relationship challenge you would like me to assist you with? Reach out to me on WhatsApp via 08186808323.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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