Emmmanuel Olatunji

You Can Reinvent Your Life

Coming from a disadvantaged background, I experienced great difficulties even as a child, and one of the things I missed was the care and love of a father.

When I was so young, my father left my mother.

Those who knew me growing up had written me off. Even I at a point in my life never thought anything superb of myself.

But today, thanks be to God, I am no longer who I used to be. No one would believe that someone with a gruesome background like mine could be building a meaningful life for himself today.

This is one thing I will eternally be grateful to God for, and it is what gives me confidence that irrespective of your experience growing up, you can reinvent your life.

The one who didn’t enjoy the love of a father is now a caring and loving father.

I’ve seen people complain that the reason they are failures today is because of their background.

Many blame others for their own failures. But I want to charge you here that even though your background can significantly affect your life, you can reinvent yourself.

I can’t remember if my father ever celebrated a birthday for me. But in 2020, I celebrated a birthday for my son. Something as simple as that meant a lot to me.

All that I wasn’t given as a child, I am now giving to my own son. This means a great deal to me, and it shows that you can reinvent your life.

Have I added value to you today?

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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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