Emmmanuel Olatunji

Why Not Pursue Your Dreams?

I’ve observed that there are two types of fears stopping many people from chasing their dreams: the fear of what people would say against them and the fear of making mistake or failure.

As an individual who aspires to be the best version of himself, you must not let any of these fears stop you from pursuing your dreams.

One thing you need to understand is that irrespective of how you choose to live your life, those who’ll speak against you will definitely speak against you.

You cannot stop people from speaking against you, but you can choose to follow your dreams even if they speak against you. The choice is always yours.

Another type of fear that is stopping people from chasing their dreams is the fear of making mistake or the fear of failure. Such people usually wonder what if they fail or make mistake. They are so afraid of failure.

It is better you chase your dreams and make mistake or fail than you remain stuck in life. If you make mistake those who care about you and who want you to progress will correct your mistakes in a loving manner and even if you fail, you would have gained more knowledge.

Trust me, the last thing you want to do is to stop pursuing your dreams because of these fears.

Permit me to ask you these questions : so what if you fail, who cares? What if you make mistake, so what? You’re never going to be the first person that will fail and you are not going to be the last.

Those who are leading exceptional lives today are those who summoned up courage amidst their fears and pursued their dreams.

If they pursued theirs, why not pursue yours?

Remember to be the best version of yourself always. I love you.

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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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