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It Comes At A Price

I can’t count the numerous people who have said to my face that one thing they admire about me is my marriage. Both young and old have commended me for the way I treat my marriage.

A lot of young people have believed in love again due to the way I treat my marriage. But whenever I think about what people have said to me regarding my marriage, I always wish they knew the underlying story.

What many people say is all rosy today was not all rosy. This is exactly why I have decided to share this article. I met my wife in a heartbroken state. Before we started our relationship, she was in a relationship which almost drove her insane.

It was two months or thereabout after she left the relationship that we met. Actually, she hadn’t completely healed up when she started her relationship with me, and trust me, that gave us quite a lot of challenges.

At a point in our courtship, even my wife (then fiancée) suggested that we ended the relationship for her not to hurt me further with her weak emotions. In my state of helplessness, I reached out to my mentor and told him everything.

After narrating everything to him, the next question he asked me was, “Do you truly love this lady?” and my response was positive. He asked again, and this time, I answered more affirmatively. Afterwards he said, “Then go fight for your love.”

It was as though I received the greatest push I’d never received before. Some adrenalin rushed through me. And I went ahead to encourage my woman. It was not easy. I was pained. It was quite challenging.

But I was sure she truly loved me, only that she hadn’t completely healed up. So I worked with her throughout the healing process. She started improving until the healing was completely done.

Today, we are happily married and I can’t tell who loves who most. My wife loves me like kilode. The loves that radiates in the public is just a tip of the ice berg of the love that radiates in our home.

The way my wife takes care of me and treats me ehn, I couldn’t have asked for a better wife. But I actually paid a price. The sacrifice I went through then is paying off now.

What is the moral of this story? There are a lot of lessons here.

  1. When you see people celebrating their marriages or one achievement or the other, understand that a lot of work and sacrifice have gone underground.

The greatest undoing for many people in this generation is that they don’t want to do any work at all. They don’t want to sow but they want to reap. But it doesn’t work that way.

  1. Be ready to give whatever you seek. I will be telling the biggest lie to say that my wife hasn’t repaid me with unfathomable love for all those times I went through pain in our courtship. I tell you, even the world can’t comprehend her love for me now o.

The love I gave then is coming back to me in multiple folds. What do you also seek from people? Give what you seek.

  1. Have a spiritual mentor. Mr. Anani is my great mentor and father. And my wonderful marriage mayn’t exist today without him. Who is your mentor? Who is your coach? Who is your model? Who is training you? Who do you listen to?

If you don’t have answers to those, then you are still joking.

Has this added value to you?

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I am Emmanuel, the Exceptional Being.


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