Emmmanuel Olatunji

The Ultimate Results Generator

There is one thing that you need to do that will astronomically shoot you up in life. That one thing is exactly what I am going to be discussing in this article.

This thing is not easy to do, however, everyone who does it will always get a great result from it.

This is the one thing that the thought leaders you look up to today do often. This is the one thing that I’ve done and I’m still doing, and I am getting results from.

This is the one thing I know will keep working effectively even till Jesus comes. So, what’s this one thing? Service! Yes, you read that right — service!

If you want to achieve a great result in life, if you want to be a great person in life, if you want to 10x your results in life, there is one thing I can boldly advise you to do consistently: be ready to serve!

That’s the way to achieve exponential results in your life. In fact, that is the only true short cut to success that I know.

You don’t need to go the longer route to succeed in life if you know how to serve. The greatest challenge of most people today is that they are not ready to serve.

If you are not ready to serve, then don’t expect anyone to serve you. If you are not ready to serve, then forget about the results true service generates.

Few days ago, I was thinking about my life. This is something I usually do. And after doing a review of my personal life, I realized that one thing that has brought me the greatest results is the spirit of service that I have.

Right from my childhood, I have been serving. I served till I got to my teenage years. Even after my teenage years, I started my adulthood serving and till now, I am still serving, in different capacity however.

I can boldly say today that true service has been the determinant factor of most of the results I have achieved. This is why true service is the ultimate results generator!

So let me ask you this question: who are you serving? Most people can’t do anything if money is not involved. While money is important, understand that it shouldn’t be substituted for service.

Some people have collected money from someone they should be serving with their skill. Some started reaping what they sow without allowing it to germinate.

Some don’t even have any investment deposited in people who are capable of transforming their life around.

Now, tell me, how will such people grow? How will their life change positively? It doesn’t just work that way.

Until you learn to serve the right people, you may never be able to achieve the result you expect.

Aaron served Moses, his younger brother for that matter. Elisha served Elijah. Even Sir Isaac Newton said, “If I have ever seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Whose shoulder are you standing on? Who are you serving? Who is the giant in your life that you have invested in? Don’t answer this here. Answer it in your heart. But whatever answer you have in you, know that service is the true ultimate results generator.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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