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No One Can Help The Unwilling

It’s the desire of every good parent to raise a son greater  than him. It’s the desire of every good teacher to ensure that his students are successful.

In life, there are some people we definitely want to impact their life positively. Such was the case of Paul when he was before King Agrippa.

Paul had been falsely accused at this time and he was in bondage, but he didn’t see the difficulties around him, instead, he saw another opportunity to share the gospel with the top leaders at the time.

Paul used one of the most powerful tools in the world to connect to the heart of King Agrippa — Storytelling. He shared his beginning story. He told the king how he had been a persecutor of Christ and how he became saved.

In fact, that day, he gave what I would regard as one of the most powerful speeches, so much that king Agrippa said:”Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.” Acts:26:2

That was a golden opportunity for King Agrippa at the time to become saved. He had just heard one of the most powerful sermons in history, but his reply? “Almost…!”

While this story may be about  how Paul tried to win King Agrippa to Christ, it revealed one of the most powerful lessons to us as humans.

What’s this lesson about? It’s this: no matter how honest or sincere your desire is, no matter how much you are willing to help someone, no matter how good you are, you can never help the unwilling.

Sometimes, as humans, we just want other people to do what we ought to do ourselves. This is the greatest undoing of many people. In fact, one of the diseases we are suffering from as a nation is expecting someone else to do what we ought to do ourselves.

This was exactly the spirit that engulfed King Agrippa. He had already gotten to that point of giving his life to Christ. He had already started thinking of what it would be like to give his life to Christ just as paul was speaking.

However, due to what it would probably cost him to give his life to Christ or maybe what people would say, he decided to cancel that thought of giving his life to Christ, hence he said: “Almost thou persuadest me.”

If you think deeply about his reply to Paul, you would realize that he already wished to be saved. Nevertheless, wishing for something is not enough; you must be ready to take action.

That action was what Agrippa never took. And throughout the Bible passages, we never heard of him having that opportunity again. That’s how anyone can lost a golden opportunity forever.

You have probably had many opportunities yourself to change your life for good, but have you utilized any of such opportunities? Maybe like King Agrippa, you are just wishing, you are excepting that someday you will get what you wish for without having to do the work.

Read this again and again: no man on earth can help the unwilling. If you are unwilling to take the necessary action that will change your lot forever, even the greatest coach on earth can’t save you.

Sometimes, some people attend courses and they blame the facilitator of the course for thier own laziness. They want the facilitator to do what they ought to do. It doesn’t work that way.

If you desire any result, you must be willing to do the required work that will help you achieve that result. If you’re unwilling to do so, remember that no one can help the unwilling.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.
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