The Race

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From the moment we were born, we were enrolled in a lifelong race. Unlike a typical marathon with a clear beginning and end, this race has just one competitor: ourselves. It’s a race that can only be won by crossing the finish line at the end of our lives.
However, we often get sidetracked and start competing with others. We begin to desire what our colleagues or friends have, forgetting that our race is unique to us. Thus, we lose sight of our purpose and start striving for things that aren’t important or fulfilling.
To run our individual race successfully, it’s crucial that we understand the purpose of our existence, recognize that our start time is different from other people’s commencement time, and embrace the reality that we are our own competition.
That’s where “THE RACE” comes in. This book will guide you through the various stages of life and how to maximize each one. By discovering the reason for your existence and staying focused on your purpose, you can stay motivated and avoid getting distracted by what others are doing.
With “THE RACE,” you’ll learn how to race against yourself in a fulfilling and exciting way. Notably, you’ll be equipped to reach the finish line without injury and with a sense of fulfillment that comes from living a purpose-driven life.


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