Emmmanuel Olatunji


“It’s one thing for clients to reach out to you for a job, it’s another thing when that person is led to you. The latter has a higher power hand in it — GOD!”

What gives me the greatest joy today as a publisher is not the money I make from it.

It’s not the high-level clients I work with.

It’s never the office I now own, neither is it the services we are now able to deliver. It’s not the loads of books we’ve published. It’s not the amount of clients who reach out to us daily & weekly.

It is not the amazing feedback we get consistently both home and abroad.

All of these are important and they give me great joy too, of which I’m forever grateful for.

However, what gives me the greatest joy is when a client tells me that he/she is led to work with me.

Emmanuel Olatunji

I have worked with numerous clients who told me specifically that they were led to work with me. This has happened numerous times!

In fact, a client had once said that the greatest mistake he would have made in his publishing journey was not to work with TEBEBA.

Some clients even have families who are publishers, but they told me they felt the strong need to work with me, even though it might cost them more.

This same thing happened this week. On Monday morning, around 5AM or thereabout, a client reached out to me all the way from the United States. We spoke about his book project and we sealed a deal.

He had reached out to us earlier (when our fee was a bit lesser), but even though our fee is higher than what we were charging before, he still chose to work with us. He said that he has had me in mind from day one. And he had decided that he wasn’t going to work with anyone but me.

I felt a deep joy and great peace when I heard him say that. Many clients have told me how they felt the strong need to work with me, but coming from a man who is based in the US (who will be paying me in US Dollars), the message entered differently.This is what gives me the greatest joy.

It gives me the greatest joy because it convinces me that God has a hand in it. God led them to me.

Whatever is from God gives me the greatest joy. It’s one thing for someone to just reach out to you, it’s another thing when he/she is led to you. The latter has a higher power hand in it — GOD!

I’m glad that another international deal has been sealed and soon, another blockbuster book will be revealed by tebebapublisher.

So you wonder how to get the best of clients? Then crave to work with more clients who are led to you, because clients who are led to you are indeed the best of clients.

Do you want to work with the best publisher in Africa? Reach out to Tebebapublisher. I’m Emmanuel Olatunji, the exceptional being. CEO, TEBEBA Global Publishing Ltd.


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