Emmmanuel Olatunji


Many people today cannot be trusted with huge resources and responsibilities because they weren’t faithful in the little they were given. This is why this verse of the Bible will forever remain valid, “he who is faithful in little will receive more”.

Whenever I think about this, it reminds me of when I began my career as a writer. Writing started in a rather unique way for me; God inspired me to start telling my stories on Facebook.

I never knew I had the ability or skill to write until then. And as I strictly heeded that directive, I began to gain more clarity about my skill and garner great credibility.

From doing just this, more grounds began to open up for me. And today, I’m an author, a publisher and a coach, amongst several other feats I have acquired from this single skill.

Indeed, it pays to be faithful in little!

The greatest challenge with many youths today is that they don’t want to build. They are not patient enough to remain and invest in where they’re not getting the “instant big cash”. They are not willing to sacrifice and serve to build something of great importance to people, both now and in years to come.

This is exactly why many people struggle, yet makes nothing worthwhile in life. If you are a youth reading this, my advice for you is to BE FAITHFUL IN THE LITTLE GOD HAS COMMITTED TO YOU.

That little thing that God has committed to you may be your low paying job. It may be that skill you consider as ordinary. I wrote for many years without making a dime from it but that never made me give up on or forfeit the skill.

You never can tell what that little entrusted to you now may turn out to be tomorrow. So, no matter what position you may be in today, remain faithful and committed to it.

Have the builder mentality. Have the mindset of transforming everything within your reach into greatness. Stop running helter-skelter, seeking what is right inside your “sokoto” at Sokoto.

I wish you the best.

don't toy with that small thing

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