Emmmanuel Olatunji


Many people remain stuck in life today because of ignorance. Ignorance is the most destructive force this world ever knows. It is one of the greatest enemies of man.

Ignorance causes fear, anxiety, poverty, worry and even death. The reason many people remain poor today is because they are ignorance – they are ignorant of what could have turned their lives around.

We are now in the “age of internet” and everything is gradually changing, yet many are ignorant of this fact.

While some people are building a profitable business right from the comfort of their home, by solving people’s problems and adding value to lives, others are running helter skelter, seeking white collar jobs which they may never find.

Listen to me, you deserve to live the kind of life you want to live. It is not a crime to become the best version of yourself.

God, your creator, has given you everything you need to live a fulfilled and a joyful life. It is His good pleasure to see you become everything He created you to be.

He has given you the resources according to your ability, so that nothing will stop you from executing your potential.

But if you don’t take the necessary steps you need to take in life, if you don’t learn the necessary skills you need to learn, you may remain stuck for the rest of your life.

If you’re ignorant of the opportunities that lurk around you, which can help you discover those things you need in order to achieve the result you desire, you may never rise above your current position and that will be to your own peril.

Ignorance is never an excuse. Do you know you have a potential? Do you know you’re the solution to someone else’s problem?

Do you know that that person is among your WhatsApp friends?

Do you know he has been waiting for you to render that solution so that he can pay for it?

Do you know that person is also ready to add value to your life for the solution you have? Don’t be ignorant of these facts!

One of the purposes which I clearly see concerning the social media today is that, it is a means of solving problems and adding value to lives.

Many are still ignorant of this truth. Until you take some certain steps in your life, even those who have been destined to help you may never help you.

This is one bitter truth that many people are ignorant of today, but I don’t want you to be ignorant of this.

I don’t want you to be stopped by ignorance and that is why I encourage you to take our online course on Money Making Strategies.

Be the best version of yourself always.

I’m EGA, the exceptional being.

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