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The news of the man who owned a popular eatery and committed suicide broke out yesterday. It was said that he committed suicide because of depression. 

Today, I want to share some crucial lessons based on this. 

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Depression is a mental illness. When someone is going through depression, encourage that person to get help as soon as possible. Depression is real and deadly. If the person doesn’t get help, suicide can be the outcome. 

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One reason the news went viral was that the man was a rich man. People were shocked that a man who owned a successful business committed suicide. But, the truth is, anyone can experience depression. That you are rich doesn’t make you immune to mental illness. 

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This incident further proves that people are going through stuff. Please, when you don’t see any of your friends around or you notice something is off, check on them. They might be going through a lot. 

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A little kindness from you can save someone’s life. Sometimes, we are our own biggest enemies. We can be so unkind and unfair to one another. Please, be mindful of how you treat people close to you. Be very careful. You don’t want to be the reason someone commits suicide. 

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If you undermine what we influential and impactful writers do today, think again. Our writings go a long way. Our writings are changing lives. Someone has once told me I saved her from suicide thoughts. That’s how powerful writing can be. Don’t undermine what we influential writers are doing today. We are changing lives. 

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If you know you are going through depression, get help. Speak to someone you trust or hire a professional to work with you. There is no point dying in silence. 

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Please, men also face many challenges too. We are in a world where men have been projected to be superheroes. As a man, you are not expected to show your emotions because it can be termed as weakness. Society has projected men as the stronger vessels, while women are the weaker vessels. This is not so. Men go through difficulties, too. And as a man, if you are going through challenges, get help. 

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Depression makes you feel suicide is a way out, but please understand that suicide is never an option. No matter what you are going through, have a deep belief that you can get through it. 

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Prayer is powerful. Seriously, when you pray to God, a miracle happens. Believe in prayer. It changes things. Build a life of prayer and see things change for you. 

These are just the important lessons I want to share based on what happened yesterday. I hope this has added value to you. 

Remember to be the best version of yourself. 

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I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.


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