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The quality of your future is dependent on the daily decisions you make. If you consistently make poor or terrible decisions, you’ll definitely have a terrible future.

I have never met or seen anyone who wished to have a terrible future. However, countless people have ended up living terrible lives. Does it mean they were created to end up in such ways? No.

Your Decision Matters

You may have wondered why some subsist in poverty all their lives, while others enjoy lifelong wealth. Or why some are colossal failures, while others are enviable successes. The singular answer to these is in the quality of the decisions people make consistently.

Of course, as humans, we are not infallible — we are not perfect. We may not always make the right decisions every day, which brings me to my main point here: despite our imperfections, making the right decisions most of the time is something we must strive to achieve always.

The totality (and quality) of the decisions you make over time is exactly what will determine your destination tomorrow.

You Are Responsible For Your Decisions

So, how are you living your life today? Are you consistently making poor or right decisions? Do you allow fear to stop you from making the best decisions capable of moving your life forward or not?

Alexander the Great chose to go to battle at a young age instead of ruling a small kingdom. Although he died in battle, that decision made him one of the greatest military leaders the world has ever known.

Do you invest heavily in your personal development or you are fond of spending money on mundane things? Are you constantly spending your time watching BBNaija or you spend it doing something that will add great value to your life?

The answers to these simple questions will tell you the destination you are heading towards. Am I saying you shouldn’t have fun at all or partake in entertainment? No. However, the decision you consistently make will determine the quality of your life in the long run.

Today, many are playing the blame game. They fault everyone but themselves for their poor situation. If you are in this category, take a pause and look within yourself. Ask yourself this pertinent question: have I been striving to make the best decisions always?

Understand that based on the decisions and choices you have made over time, you are responsible for where you are now. Don’t just blame people.

So, What Decision Are You Making?

What decision are you constantly making? Are you paying for that course? How about investing in that book? Are you attending that class? Don’t think that what you do today doesn’t matter. Everything matters and in time, you will see the corresponding results.

In summary, what should you strive for? Answer: to make the right decisions consistently! What right decision do you need to make today? Go ahead and make it now.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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