Emmmanuel Olatunji

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In all you do, please have a heart for people. 

I don’t know how to better put that. 

But ensure you have the interest of people at heart.

Ensure you are passionate about adding value to life always.

Ensure your mindset is set on giving more than receiving. 

Ensure you do no evil whatsoever to any man. Do good always even if evil was done to you! 

Seriously, these things will change your life forever. I’m sharing deep secrets with you here. 

This will make you attract greatness to your life. See, itโ€™s not magic when you see someone elevating in life. Something propels that elevation. And some of the things are what I am sharing with you now. 

When I took inventory of my life’s journey and I wondered why some good things happen to me, I realized that my heart towards people is one of the reasons. 

I have a genuine love for people. If you come close to me for a moment, it won’t be hard for you to notice this. 

My genuine love for people has gotten me into trouble. It has made me make mistakes. It has made me even trust people I shouldn’t. I’ve made huge sacrifices because of my love for people. That’s how genuinely I love. 

If you are in my inner circle, mehn, I will genuinely love you and I am keen on loyalty, too. 

Loyalty is so key to me. I can never ever betray you. 

Even when I feel betrayed or hurt by the ones I love, I will rather withdraw completely from you than seek revenge. This is the true me. 

I’m not saying I am perfect. No, far from it. Yes, I can make mistakes and I might even hurt you with some of my actions, but I will never ever intentionally hurt anyone close to me. 

If I am close to you, I focus so much on win-win. I detest the slavery mentality. I don’t use people; I build and have many proofs of this. This attitude alone has made me attract goodwill from men and it has opened doors for me in great places. 

I hope you will really learn from this. I hope you will take my message to heart and start applying this. To make it in life is very, very easy if only you can do some of these things. 

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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